Here are some BBcodes you can use in game and on the Forum.




[color=#FF0000]texte in red[/color]

[center]center text[/center]


[url link="" title="title" text="text"]


[url=]Mon super lien[/url]


[swf l="420" h="420"][/swf]

[flash l="420" h="420"][/flash]

[big]Bigger text[/big]

[sm]Small text[/sm]

[freckle]My text in freckle police[/freckle]

[ewert]My text in ewert police [/ewert]

[gloria]My text in Gloria police [/gloria]

[monofett]My text in monofett police [/monofett]

[bowlby] My text in bowlvy police [/bowlby]

[slackey] My text in slackey police [/slackey]

[size=20] My text sized 20[/size]

:| :@ :S (happy) (cool) (crazy) (embarrassed) :'( (footinmouth) :( :O :D (heart) (hearteyes) (innocent)(kiss) :-D :-( :-) (money) (devil) (nerd) (sacarstic) (sealed) (burk) :-/ :) (-1) (+1) (wink) (yuck) (yum)

For others emoticons or Bbcodes please refer to the Forum.

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