Cases of account stealing are common on War Of Gangs. In most cases it is not security vulnerability, but simply the consequences of reckless or naive victim. Here are some precautions.

Never communicate your password :

  • Neither staff, they would never ask you.
  • Neither a friend, especially since it is forbidden to take account of a friend.
  • Neither your gang members, the rule is one player per account. If one member is robbed, the rest of the gang would suffer the consequences.
  • Never enter your credentials (username and password) on another website than Some webmasters use such traps to get your password promising free Bonuses or μsados.

Never communicate the associated address mail to your account :

  • Whenever possible, use a specific Email for "The War of Gangs" . (Your ISP often allows you to create several adresses).
  • Choose a different Email than used for your instant messaging system (such as MSN Messenger). Various vulnerabilities allow recovering your data and accessing your account.
  • Give another Email address to gangsters who want to communicate with you.

Choose a secure password :

  • The password must be unique, complex and never communicated.
  • The password must be different from that used for your Email accounts and specific to "War Of Gangs."
  • The password must contain at least 8 characters.
  • The password should contain alternating letters in upper and lower case.
  • The password should contain a random mix of numbers and letters.

Example : 2hIkE5q1P

You can test your password efficiency.

How to change the Email address associated with my account ?

Send an Email to support ([email protected]) from the old mailbox, specifying the new address that you want to associate with your account.

What to do in case of account hacking ?

Change the password of your account, and your mail inbox.

Attention, You are solely responsible for the security of your account, you will have no compensation in the game.

Good Game !