If you share your password you increase your chances of account hijacking. If you are chosen as a victim, usually because you are a player the hacker doesn’t like, for example, an enemy or because you are a newbie or naive, here's how a thief would proceed:

1/ He messages you via pm (private message) with an unknown account. Once the relationship established and as game actions are often organized through instant messaging like Skype, there is nothing suspicious to exchange contacts.

2/ Your email address appears often on instant messaging, so it is easy to get it. If you did not follow the safety precautions related to password generating and / or if your personal mailbox is the same used for the game, then the hacker will only have to find the answer to your mystery question without any need to know your password

3/ If it is too complicated, he would simply ask you about it during a casual conversation. For example, to have your date of birth, just start a conversation about birthdays. Once the answer found, he accesses your mail account.

4/ By searching through your mail, he may fall on your account confirmation, creation or change of password emails that are often kept by caution. Or he would simply do a request for a new password that he will pick up directly from your inbox.

5/ The hacker can finally connect to your account, suicide your gangster, place contracts on your allies, send insults to everyone, etc.

The support will give no compensation, no refund, will not cancel the contracts placed or any other action. And this is not the worst! With your mailbox, imagine what a hacker can do ... As long as you have an account on a merchant site, he can place orders on your behalf with your credit card (stored on some sites) or send emails to your friends. In short, he may make a holy mess in your life. And no need to have computer skills, anyone can do it! It's scary isn’t it? Realizing this, you already have less chance of being a victim. If you want to sleep peacefully, simply follow the safety instructions.

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Thursday 1 January 1970