Hello Usanian and Usanian,

Today, we made some changes in the cities of Usania.

We classify our work into two categories. The first is the change in play and the second is the bug fix.

The changes in play:

  1. We modified the captcha for better visibility.
  2. From now on, the interest on the trip will be paid in the bank instead of being in cash.
  3. We removed the record and the Top Gangsters Civil Points for better visual fluency.
  4. Deletion of the majority of the special offers except the random gain, the Volvo series 1 and the change of pseudo.

Repaired bugs:

  1. Market alerts have been corrected. Some alerts such as cognac were displayed according to the price of ethanol.
  2. Correction and reactivation of the -5% button in the bank.
  3. Messages for games displaying logX ~ have been corrected.
  4. In gang commands, the arrow has been corrected graphically.
  5. Fixed countdown next turn.
  6. Moving the text down the last frame murders on the dashboard.
  7. Fixed the possibility of buying a vehicle at the garage when have the Volvo series 1

The staff wishes you a good week, a good game and see you soon!

Vous pouvez discuter de la gazette par ici.
Monday 15 October 2018